1 Inch At 100

Welcome Back My Friend

Due to the unforgiving weather during the winter, it has been a few months since I last had the opportunity to shoot my Steyr 6.5×55 topped of with a beautiful Leupold VX II.  With smiles of satisfaction I setup my kit at the firing point and gave my rifle the freedom of expression it rightly deserves as I run 15 rounds down the pipe on a misty and damp Easter Sunday morning.

Last Batch of 2010

The rounds I had available where the last of a batch I had handloaded in the Spring of 2010.  With the target placed at 100 Metres I was shooting from a benched front adjustable rest, with a rear ‘owl eared’ shooting bag filled with fine sand.  From my spotless well cleaned cold barrel the first shot dropped in at 3 o’clock on the 1 inch target.  Shortly after my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th shots followed suit and produced their own little neat group at the 12 o’clock position on the same 1 inch target.

Impressed; Yes I Was!

I can safely say I was well impressed with the performance of that load.  However I wanted to see how well the next 5 shots would post on the target so I run those down the pipe also.  Yet another little exceptional group was formed.  The smile on my face continued to grow and it surely was a boost to the confidence knowing that my loads from 2010 were as good now as they were back then. It has been said many times in the shooting sports community that the temperature changes in one year can have an effect on the accuracy of a load while it is stored away‘.

Honest Shots

With a further and final 5 rounds another happy group was formed down range.  Below I have attached an image of the three groups as they were shot.  Of course they are not the mythical one hole groups that we hear many shooters talk about shooting and never witnessed, but these groups are an honest indication of what my 6.5×55 Steyr Pro Hunter Mark II can achieve from the bench when care is taken with case preparation and working up a load.

John Duggan

A nice little article and I like the pictures showing your efforts. For non-shooters like myself it illustrates the accuracy required. Well done

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