Field Strip An Anschutz Bolt

Essential Bolt Rifle Maintenance

As part of your firearms familiarity and maintenance plan of a bolt action rifle, the bolt should be one of the most important components to have functioning safely and properly at all times.  Therefore your ability to disassemble, clean / repair, reassemble and test your firearms bolt should never be overlooked.

In the attached video I demonstrate the bolts disassembly, areas to examine and clean, reassembly and functionality of the bolt for the .22 Anschutz Match 54 Action.

How Often Do You Clean Your Bolt!

I clean the bolt of my .22 lr firearm during and after each range visit, as a lot of lead deposits can begin to build up on the bolt face after approx 50+ rounds.


Andrew Miller

Great video,I also use the same cleaner. I agree that you really need to clean it after using it because it does accumulate a lot of dirt when left alone.

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London Poacher I believe the Anschutz 1417 bolt splits into two parts when twisted to be disassembled, unlike the Match 54 action bolt model.

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John Duggan

It would have been a little better if the camera was closer up so we could see the details of the components. But a very good video nonetheless

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Hi John,

It’s great to hear from you. I had tried a close up video first and due to an auto focus lens it didn’t work well. I was losing the clarity and effectiveness of displaying all the components when laid out. However if you are familiar with the bolt in the Match 54 Anschutz you will be able to follow the directions from the video without any problems.

Thank you


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