Impurities In Your Jag…

In Jags! Are You A ‘False Positive’, Feb 7th. I recommended BoreTech’s ‘Proof Positive’ jags as a substitute to the more common Brass jag.  Due to its features of strength and ability to not return a ‘false positive’ when using copper solvent in the bore.  Since 2009 I have been using the same ‘Proof Positive’ jag in my bore cleaning regime.  However only recently I had concerns of the jags structure and wanted to make sure that it was not going to cause damage to my bore if I continued to use it.

Only recently I returned to the bench to clean the bore of my 6.5×55 ‘now the Winter months have abated’.  To my surprise I found that both my brush and jag had some form of  discolouration on the metal core and jag surface.  I was somewhat uneasy, thinking that I had not properly cleaned and dried both the brush and jag at the end of my previous rifle cleaning regime before storing them away.  But deep down I know I had done!!!

According to BoreTech’s directions all you needed to do to clean the brush and jag is to wash them in hot soapy water and then dry them off after every use.

When I ran my fingers over the metal surface of the brush and jag it had no obvious roughness on it that could scratch the bore.   Not wanting to tempt fate nor more importantly damage to my rifle, I chose the safer path and I emailed BoreTech to see what they had to say on the matter.

Customer Service, Bore Tech, Inc. (2011) e-mail to Matthew Canning, 03 February

Thank you for contacting us.

What you are seeing is normal and you can still use soapy water to clean the jags and brushes when using our chemicals.  If you are using other chemicals, you may need to use the spirits.  Neither will harm the jags or brushes.   Just make sure to dry everything off when finished.

What you are seeing on the brushes, is that the core material will start to turn dark grey and the jags will lighten in colour and develop a few grey areas.  What is happening is that during use the chemicals are pulling the impurities out of the alloys and bringing them to the surface causing the discoloration.  This is not harming the jags or the brushes one bit and they can still be used without a problem.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

Thank you,

Customer Service

Bore Tech, Inc.

100 Emlen Way, Ste # 108

Telford, Pa 18969 USA.

Symptoms Explained!

BoreTech described my brush and jag symptoms perfectly.  So it was a relief to hear that I could continue to use both the brush and jag.

In summary if you decide to choose BoreTech products you will now be aware that some discolouration can occur, but it’s safe to continue using the brush and jag as long as they are well maintained, cleaned and dried properly after every use.

Now get yourself down to the range for a few shots.  I know that’s where I’m off too.

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