Bore Cleaning, Marathon or Sprint

Shooting and barrel/bore cleaning come hand in hand.  Without a well maintained barrel/bore more often than not your shooting pleasure will be ruined.  How so you may ask?  In a nut shell a clean barrel/bore can result in extended barrel life and a step closer to that half inch or smaller 5 shot group that you lust after on every range visit, ‘depending on your rifle and barrel of choice’.

Barrel maintenance does not have to become a drawn out week long process of wet patching, bore scrubbing, dry patching and then doing it all over again and again just so you can have a shiny bore free from carbon and copper.

Anyone with a firearm will have heard the ole wives tales of bore cleaning and when it should be done and how it should be done, you know ‘when there are two moons in the sky and a bull frog croaks to the sound of Mozart…‘ that kinda tale.

But seriously there are a number of products on the market that will remove both carbon and copper from the bore of your centre-fire rifle without a lunar phenomenon.  There are also a number of DIY workshop chemists out there that have their own home brew cleaning agents and regimes that they swear by.  Unfortunately most products can take anything from a couple of hours  to an overnight soaking, as you switch between a carbon remover and a copper remover to strip away the layers of fouling.  The process of  soaking, scrubbing and patching your bore can indeed frustrate most shooters  and if not followed through can lead to an unclean bore and an inaccurate shooting stick.

Now over the years some shooters have evolved their bore cleaning techniques and have it down to a tee and some will stick to the  method they inherited from their granddad; and roll their eyes at any suggestion that might question or improve their traditional life long cleaning methods.

As a relatively new shooter with only a few years ‘down the bore‘ with centre-fire rifles I have been very interested in barrel maintenance and bore cleaning products and methods.  It’s not out of any nostalgic history lesson or romance for solvents and chemistry but a matter of the expense involved in shooting.  For me a new barrel is not cheap nor readily available,  even if one can afford it.  My rifle is the 6.5×55 Steyr Pro Hunter Mark II and if this little lady needs a new barrel then it’s of too Austria with her for a factory fitted replacement at my own expense.  So maintenance and barrel care has become a priority for me and I am sure for the many target sports shooters reading this article also.

I have read many bore cleaning articles on-line; naming solvents that work best, the type of brush or size of patch needed, how it should be pierced or wrapped, soaked or dry and I have also tried a few bore cleaning products that were recommended to me also.  Not an exhaustive list by any means but enough to know that when I happened upon a product that worked its cleaning magic so easily, I knew my search for the elixir of bore cleaning was over.

Safe For You – Safe For Your Barrel!

Bore Tech Inc a USA based company, established in 1997 with a philosophy of ‘a completely clean gun without question’ have produced an evolutionary range of bore cleaning solvents.  Topping my shopping list was Bore Tech Eliminator.  Bore Tech Inc (2007) says that Eliminator ‘has the ability to simultaneously cut through the layers of carbon and copper fouling that have accumulated on the barrel’s wall with each shot fired‘.  This in itself is a brash statement as many bore cleaning products are individually developed to either cut through carbon or copper but Eliminator has been developed to do both these tasks.  In a two step process, Eliminator first loosens and releases carbon deposits through a blend of surfactants, Eliminator then breaks down the copper, changing its electronic state and with a special binding agent acting like a magnet to the copper, renders it into a form that will ensure that it does not redeposit into the bore.  Allowing it to be completely removed during the cleaning process.

You may think this is all to good to be true but you have not yet heard the entire story.  Eliminator is also 100% Barrel Safe, Odour Free, Non Hazardous and Biodegradable.  Therefore it’s non ammonia based and ‘with the permission of the other half’, you can clean your rifles indoors.  Everyone’s a winner.


Bore Tech Eliminator is a product that I trust to get my bore shiny clean and free from carbon and copper fouling with minimal time and elbow grease.  Now how about that, pretty good huh!!!

Get yourself a bottle and give it a go.  Just follow the directions on the label and if your rifle is a heavy fouler, then repeat the process if the dry patches still come out with deposits on them.

Now you can definitely spend more time enjoying your shooting and less time cleaning, happy in the knowledge that your barrel is Bore Tech clean.

Bore Tech Eliminator

Bore Tech Inc (2007) Bore Tech [Internet] USA,  Bore Tech Inc. Available from:<> [Accessed 18 January 2011]



BoreTech Eliminator works best with ‘naked‘ copper jackets. Molybdenum Disulphide ‘Moly’ fouling can be much more difficult to remove from the barrel. Fortunately BoreTech have developed Moly Magic for this purpose.

What BoreTech Say

The Eliminator will work on moly fouling to a certain degree of fouling. If the fouling is very heavy, you will need to alternate between Eliminator and our Moly Magic. If the fouling is light-moderate the Eliminator alone will get the job done.

Moly is a tough type of fouling to remove, especially when it is heavy. You need a good stiff brass brush, Moly Magic and soak time. Moly Magic works on the principal of penetrating the moly fouling and breaking/lifting it off the barrel surface.

While doing this it is neutralizing the damaging corrosive by-products left by the moly fouling. A lot of people do not realize that moly fouling is corrosive and can damage barrels if not cleaned in a proper manner.

Just remember the full name of moly is molybdenum disulphide. That “disulphide” part is what turns into a corrosive in the presence of water (humidity in the air) and starts to attack barrels over time.

More Time At The Range

I hope this information proves useful in your fight to clean that ‘Moly’ coated fouling from your barrels and you continue to enjoy more time at the shooting range and less time scrubbing the barrel.

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