Is A Clean Barrel An Accurate Barrel?

Purpose of a Clean Barrel

The purpose of a clean barrel I am informed is so you know exactly where the first few shots will land each and every time when a clean rifle is fired.  This may indeed be an inch or more high or low or to the left or right of the target you are aiming at, but supposedly and consistently will be the same point of impact with each firing in similar weather conditions with minimal or zero wind.

I have succumbed to the idea of a clean barrel is an accurate barrel‘.  Without fail I clean my centre fire rifle barrel after every range session but for the Rimfire I would not clean the barrel as often.  Once at the end of each season was my usual process before putting it away for the winter.  My reasons I believe were valid as my thinking probably ‘old school’ was each time I cleaned the barrel it needed allot of fouling to bring the accuracy back and this cost time, and lots more money on ammo.  However I am determined to test the theory ‘a clean barrel is an accurate barrel‘ to see if this will work on the Rimfire as this is a sworn step in Olympic target rifle circles.

Decisions Decisions !!!

So I have a been reading online about the different barrel cleaning methods used and I have now decided on a barrel cleaning process and product that I will work with.

In the Smallbore rifle ‘my annie’ I will use a solvent called Bore Tech ‘Rimfire Blend’ this will be used in conjunction with a nylon brush and 1 inch square triple twill patches on a spear tip jag with a 1 piece Dewey synthetic coated rod.  The one peice coated cleaning rod is to help prevent damage to chamber, throat and rifling.  I will follow the directions on the solvent bottle so will not repeat them here.  On the centre fire rifle I will be using Bore Tech Eliminator, a correct sized bore nylon brush and the correct sized VFG bore cleaning felt pellets on a VFG adaptor jag attached to a 1 piece Dewey synthetic coated rod. I have these items on order and I am eagerly awaiting their arrival.  Please see Bore Tech for a products listing.

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